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WHAT’S IN THE BRIEFCASE? My list of “My MUST go out with” everyday items


Hey Friends! Let’s talk about leather briefcases! I actually am a big fan of good briefcases. I fell in love with briefcases so much that I turned my love into a business; locally producing/selling premium quality leather briefcases and other leather items in Nigeria and outside the country.

You might wonder, what do I typically carry in my briefcase on a normal day? I put together this “My MUST go out with” items some days ago and here it is.

There is an inner zip pocket on the inside of my briefcase and my earpiece, portable MiFi device, phone charger (because we are in Nigeria lol), Bank token, and cardholder/wallet fit in nicely into that space. Love wallets? Would you love to get some minimalist styled wallets for your folks? Check them out here!.

The other outer pocket is where I fit in my car keys and business cards so that it’s easy to reach out to whenever I meet anyone while at the restaurant or on my way to a business meeting. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, I also have my spare facemask and hand sanitizer there.

My laptop is my go-to item and i cannot imagine leaving this piece of machine anywhere else. If I ever forget it, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be feeling awkward as it houses all the information I need for any meeting. I also usually toss my favorite sunglasses and notepad with a pen in my bag on top of everything else!

This is clearly the state of my briefcase every time I go out!

I would really love for you to let me know what your number one on-the-go essential is. You can leave a comment for me. I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful week ahead!



Seromume Ikogho

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