Our Return Policy

If you are considering a refund or exchange, it means you likely ordered a product from us or got gifted one. We are glad that you were able to see and feel our product physically. That said, here are some of the things you may want to know about our return policy:

  • Your item is covered by a six (6) month warranty. In the unlikely event that metal accessories (lock, strap hook etc.) used to produce the item gets faulty within the warranty period, an email should be sent to: complaint@detailafrica.com and one of the amazing people on our team will attend to your queries:
  • Where repairs are to be done or parts are to be replaced. This will be done by us at no cost. You send to us; we repair for free and we deliver for free too (limited to delivery locations within Nigeria).
  • Where an item is ordered and is materially different from the picture shown online or has a factory defect, including but not limited to significant scratches and discolorations, the customer can choose to return such item and get a better version of the item, another item of equal value or a refund less delivery expenses.
  • Where a customer chooses to return the item, this position should be communicated within 48 hours of delivery of the item and the return must be done no later than four (4) days after order, in the item’s original packaging;
  • For repairs outside warranty period and other issues, please send an email to the aforementioned email address and our team will be more than happy to resolve too.
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